5 Digital Mobility Projects For Tech Volunteers

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Roy Munin
August 4, 2020

If Coronavirus had one positive effect, is that it created a moment of acceleration for the adoption of technology. Grandparents, small businesses, nonprofits, and even the public sector - everyone is going digital. But it's not easy for everyone.

In a city like Jerusalem, where a majority of above-average wage jobs are in the public sector, where nonprofits and small businesses are in abundance, and over 60% of the residents are Arab or Haredi - digital competency can be a huge force of change for the city's economy, as well as impact the whole region's economy.

We at Made in JLM believe this is a moment to not only bring more people into tech, but to bring more tech to the people, and are committed to support Jerusalem-based projects in the space of digital literacy, digitization of legacy industries and digital mobility as part of our mission going forward.

In discussions with local employers and tech employees, we often get asked where people can contribute their knowledge and skills.

Here are 5 volunteer-ready projects we love that promote digitization and digital mobility in Jerusalem.

1. Smartphone for Seniors

A project by Made in JLM cofounder Uriel Shuraki and Gabi Arnovitz, they teach seniors to use smartphones, based on fun casual tasks to use with family and friends, interactive video lessons and a great community of elderly techies.

How you can help: teaching, marketing, code (APIs), video editing, content.

Website: https://en.smartphonelessons.net/

Contact: uriel@madeinjlm.org

2. Hilma - Tech For Impact

Hilma wants to turn Jerusalem into a leader in social innovation. The project trains "service year" young teens in technology and develops apps for nonprofits.

How you can help: teach code, mentor teams, Project and product management.

Website: https://www.english.hilma.tech/projects

Contact: merav@hilma.tech

3. Machshava Tova - Hardware for Good

This nonprofit holds labs that teach at-risk youth how to fix computers, and then distributes computers for other nonprofits, people and families in need.

How you can help: IT & hardware, donate computers, help with marketing.

Website: https://www.mtova.org.il/index.php/en

Contact: ornit@mtova.org.il

4. Consul - Accelerating Businesses

In this project students take part in a consulting program for industrial medium to large businesses and help automate and digitize factories and supply chains.

How you can help: mentor, bring industry expertise, organization growth.

Website: https://www.consul.org.il/

Contact: palmor.yoash@consul.org.il

5. Society Labs by Made in JLM

"Adopt a nonprofit" and help implement popular tech solutions. Learn about new apps and pitch your own ideas in our weekly "Side Project Club" hack night to recruit volunteers and build projects together for your nonprofit.

Website: https://sideproject.ac/society/about

Contact: club@sideproject.ac

For introductions, support and collaborations via Made in JLM feel free to get in touch with us at digital@madeinjlm.org


5 Digital Mobility Projects For Tech Volunteers