One on One with Elena Liberte

Author Headshot
Roy Munin
August 3, 2020

One on One is a series of Facebook Live videos with Jerusalem Employers, where Made in JLM's Employer Partnerships Director Elena Liberte interviews company HR managers and leaders about who they're hiring, how they're hiring, and what is the best way to cut through the bureaucracy and get your CV noticed.

The talks are recorded on Facebook live and you can watch the whole series here. It includes interviews with HRs, R&D center leads and CEOs of top local companies, from local giants like Mobileye, Ex Libris and Synamedia, through unicorn favorites  Lightricks and OrCam, to new arrivals Nvidia, Via and Brix.

During the Covid-19 crisis we saw a spike in traffic to Made in JLM's job board, and hundreds reached out to us to learn more information about the different companies in the city, and which would be relevant for them.

Following a series of workshops about finding a job in the time of Corona, and a revamp of our job board, "One on One" was a natural continuation to these initiatives, with the idea to continue providing the Jerusalem tech community with deep, relevant information they can go back to on an ongoing basis.

Watch "One on One" and follow the next episodes here

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One on One with Elena Liberte